Melcor Developments is planning to scrap its mural Wall of Encouragement after realizing the city is hardly an adventurous metropolis for challenging art.

In 2016, the company commissioned artist Clay Lowe to inscribe on the wall of its 100 St. Place structure “TAKE A RISK. IT’S THE MOST EDMONTONIAN THING YOU CAN DO.” But after several months of risk-adverse reactions, Melcor plans to replace the slogan with a mural of poker playing dogs.

“We realized that Edmonton simply isn’t a place that fosters great art,” said a Melcor spokesperson on condition of anonymity. “I mean, seriously, I haven’t seen anything challenging on the local arts scene in years. And this is coming from me, a schlep who works for a dumbass property developer.”

The employee shrugged and said that perhaps the city should quit making airs about taking risks and simply accept its own mediocrity. “Yep, hence our plan to put that dog mural up. It’s really a Wall of Discouragement.”