In another effort to get his half-cocked grassroots following riled up about pretty well anything these days, Wildrose Party leader Brian Jean is hopping mad about the Edmonton Oilers, sources say.

The Opposition Leader and amateur William H. Macy imitator is apparently claiming that the Oilers are associating themselves with the province’s ruling NDP party by virtue of the team’s colour scheme.

“It just came to him in an instant, when he was gulping down a Starbucks in his office,” one frightened Wildrose supporter said.

“He just realized that the Oilers orange trim matches what’s on the signs and paraphernalia of the NDP. Then he flew into a rage and started wrecking his office. Now he’s trying to convince everyone that Edmonton ridings are almost totally dominated by the NDP because of that colour association. To him, it’s not a coincidence but an example of how subliminal advertising on behalf of the Oilers can warp the minds of almost an entire city into voting for a party of socialists!”

A spokesperson for the Edmonton Oilers responded with a “Say, what?” before denying such an association.

“The team’s had a blue and orange colour scheme on and off since 1972, when they were in the World Hockey Association,” said the spokesperson. He added that original team owner Bill Hunter chose the colours as they matched the same scheme as the Gulf + Western oil company, a corporation he approached for financial support.

“Next time, Brian should do his homework,” he continued. “And I know that the Wildrose power base is in southern Alberta, which reminds me, how are those Calgary Flames doing these days?”