It’s as if Jason Kenney is taking a page out of Donald Trump’s election platform.

The Alberta Progressive Conservative candidate announced on Monday that if he were elected Premier, he would build a wall around Edmonton and move the provincial capital to Calgary.

“That’s one way we can assure that a totally conservative government will exist in Alberta for generations to come,” declared Kenney, who was Minister of National Defence for the federal Conservatives before leaving the party and throwing his hat into the provincial ring in 2016. “By locking up all those socialists, we’ll make sure their ideology to destroy democracy won’t infect the rest of the province.”

Kenny’s math may have been a little off, however. In 2015, the socialist NDP party swept all 19 Edmonton seats to get a majority government and a total of 53 elected MLAs. The total elected opposition was 33, a difference of 20. Even without Edmonton, the NDP would still have won by one seat.

As well, the candidate still has to win the blessings of the PCs to dissolve the party and merge with the more radically conservative Wildrose party in order to unite the right, before he can take any stab at winning the next provincial election slated for 2019.

There’s also the logistics of building a wall around Edmonton, which Kenney promises will be huge, but didn’t expand on any details for the project. But he said a wall is far more humane than what a previous premier suggested.

“Ralph Klein called Edmonton a ‘fine city with too many socialists and mosquitoes,'” but said at least you could spray those mosquitoes,” said Kenney. “I mean, come on, it’s not like I’m offering an extermination program aimed at anyone who’s a socialist. Geez, at least give me some credit for that!”