Searching for any hook to get under the skin of the government, the Wildrose is using music as a weapon against Alberta’s premier.

The opposition Wildrose party, in particular its leader Brian Jean, is asking Premier Rachel Notley to repent her infatuation for subversive singer-songwriters like accordionist Geoff Berner or else resign from office on grounds that her tastes in music aren’t in line with Alberta’s morals.

“For Pete’s sakes, the guy plays what is called a squeeze box, and we all know the double-entendre behind that instrument!” declared Jean from his office in Fort McMurray.

A member of Wildrose’s torch and pitchfork following tipped off Jean about Notley checking out a Berner performance in Edmonton early in 2016. But the event was hardly kept under wraps, given that social media was buzzing about Notley’s attendance, which was also covered in a gigcity online article.

What’s really a source of wrath for Jean is that Berner once ran for provincial office in British Columbia in 2001 as a member of the Rhinoceros Party, pledging investors would be offered “cocaine and prostitutes” for their support in his campaign.

“If that’s the type of guy Notley supports, who else is she hanging out with that could tar and feather Alberta’s reputation as a moral province?” asked Jean. “The people have a right to know! And if there’s any red flags at all about the company she keeps, socialism under her NDP government may well be the last thing we need to worry about!”

“This is a non-issue over an event that took place more than a year ago,” replied an NDP spokesperson, finally composing herself after two minutes of uncontrollable, hysterical laughter. “The fact that it took the Wildrose that long to unearth that peanut of an anecdote goes to show how on-the-ball they really are!”

But the spokesperson also couldn’t resist a final jab at the Wildrose leader. “Jean will have lost all credibility if someone finds a Nickelback record in his collection.”