Country singer Garth Brooks announced today that his nine show engagement in Edmonton, starting tonight at Rogers Place, has been extended to Feb. 31, 2037.

“Let’s face it, the rest of the tour isn’t doing so well and I don’t have a new album to promote,” said Brooks at a packed media conference in an Applebee’s restaurant.

“I mean seriously, I ain’t no Keith Urban and my best days were back in the ’90s. So it made sense to play the remaining dates in the middle of nowhere, so I can collect my thoughts and figure out what I’m going to do, whether it takes a few days or 20 years.”

Part of the deal will involve Brooks singing the national anthem on nights when the Oilers play at Rogers. Shows booked into the venue of a more pop/rock nature will feature Brooks’s sappy alter ego Chris Gaines as opening act.

“This is a win-win for everyone,” said a media coordinator in the Brooks entourage. “Edmonton finally has something to do for the next 20 years and Garth can listen to crickets downtown after he’s done his show. That will put him in a more contemplative state of mind.”