After being taken to task over his Liberal Buzz Word Bingo game that he played when Parliament was in session early in 2016, Edmonton Griesbach MP Kerry Diotte is once again a topic of concern among budding politicians.

For months, the Conservative Party elected politician has been spotted pouting at his desk during sessions, sticking his tongue out at cabinet ministers and throwing the occasional piece of Lego at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau when he thinks no one else is looking.

“He’s just bored, that’s all,” said one fellow backbencher. “[Opposition Leader] Rona Ambrose simply refuses to give him a shadow portfolio because she doesn’t think he’s mature enough to take anything on.”

Outside the House of Commons, Diotte has been chastised by party members for performing a limp-wristed imitation of Trudeau and lisping “I’m a fancy boy,” yelling profanities at panhandlers while dubbing them “blatant NDP supporters” and breaking into incessant giggles every time someone mentions “party caucus.”

Diotte’s state of mind has been a going concern ever since the former Edmonton Sun columnist and City Councillor ran for mayor, comparing Edmonton to Detroit and complaining of a bad smell from Rogers Place when it was under construction. But more recently, he’s been reprimanded by his colleagues over increasingly bizarre behavior.

One incident saw him decking out his Parliamentary desk in brown paper and drawing on top of it as if he were dining at Montana’s Steakhouse, until House Speaker Geoff Regan had Diotte’s crayons confiscated.

“He even included his juvenile artwork in the pamphlets he mails back to his constituents,” said another MP. “Right there, you can tell the optics on his performance as a politician are not good.”