The National Hockey League is reportedly upset over remarks made by Conservative leadership candidate Kelly Leitch on Monday, when she proclaimed that Canada’s national sport should fall in line with her Canadian values manifesto.

Leitch suggested that if she became Prime Minister, after successfully becoming the leader of the Conservative party, all Canadian NHL franchises will be forced to abandon the left-wing position on their teams.

“If I had my way, anything to do with left-wingers would be eliminated, period!” declared Leitch.

That doesn’t sit well with teams located in Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, who have been struggling in the standings in recent years. In 2016, no Canadian team managed to make the NHL playoffs.

“She’s insane!” said one spokesperson for the Edmonton Oilers. “If we put only five players on the ice, doesn’t she realize how much of a disadvantage Canadian teams will be?”

“I can’t take their responses seriously,” responded Leitch. “The last time a Canadian team won the Stanley Cup, it was a city located in a province full of separatists. And then there’s Toronto. I mean, come on. Would the Maple Leafs notice any difference?”