Edmonton Northlands announced Wednesday that it will perform another makeover of K-Days, the city’s annual summer festival, by presenting a new moniker that will “triple the fun.”

This summer, the event will officially be called KKK-Days.

“It’s just so obvious that we had to go this route,” said one self-proclaimed marketing genius at Northlands. “Everyone knows all good things come in threes.”

Details are sketchy on what will be featured at KKK-Days, although another enthusiastic marketing executive said that the name change has made it easier to attract topflight entertainment from the U.S.

“So far we’ve got some eager reaction from stars like Toby Keith, Kid Rock and Ted Nugent itching to hit the stage here,” said the executive, speaking on conditions of anonymity.

“We even have those who handle Pat Boone interested in having the legend play the event, as long as there are defibrillators within easy reach. Naturally, he’ll have stagehands up there operating his arms and legs as well as holding his colostomy bag while he sings those great songs like ‘Love Letters in the Sand.'”

KKK-Days is the latest rebranding for the signature Northlands event, formerly known as Klondike Days and briefly as Capital Ex. But the new moniker is apparently attracting a lot of interest in the southern U.S., Alabama and Mississippi in particular.

One receptionist at the Westin said the hotel is almost booked solid for July, when KKK-Days takes place. “I had one old guy on the phone drawling, ‘Thank gawd there’s a festival for us normal folk!'” she exclaimed.

Trailer park supervisors have been flooded by calls from families in southern Alberta willing to haul their double-wides up north and make Edmonton home for the duration of the 10-day event.

All of which spells a potential windfall for Northlands and a chance to get attendance past the million mark, something that the exhibition has never achieved.

“You know, it’s almost like Christmas came early for Northlands, ” said one executive. “Almost like a… a White Christmas! Yeah, that’s it!”