While the Alberta NDP government mulls over whether to keep Daylight Saving Time or scrap the notion entirely, interim Progressive Conservative party leader Ric McIvor believes he has a better idea.

McIvor wants the government to turn the clock back not just by one hour, but by 25 years. That, he believes would vault the province back in time to 1992, the same year Ralph Klein became premier of the province.

“Yeah, moving back in time back to the heydays of King Ralph would be the best thing to happen to Alberta,” said McIvor wistfully. “He would make sure the Socialists stayed in their place, eliminated the debt, busted up the unions and got rid of all them artsies…”

That was when McIvor drifted off into an inadvertent, self-hypnotic trance. Efforts to revive him to consciousness were unsuccessful. Currently, the opposition leader is still in a state of vegetation.

PC leadership candidate Jason Kenney paid some sympathetic lip service to McIvor’s plight, before adding the recent zombification of the politician only makes the need to Unite the Right in order to turf the NDP in 2019 much more critical.

Ralph Klein, who’s been inconveniently dead since 2013, was unavailable for comment.