A prominent environmental researcher at the University of Alberta has named a glacier in the Rocky Mountains after Stephen Harper to symbolize the icy relationship between the former prime minister and the scientific community.

“It was only appropriate to take this chilly course of action,” said Kelvin Celsius, a scientist whose work focusses on climate change. “Harper was very frosty towards environmental scientists from the start. He froze our communications with the general public and put our research funding on ice. When we complained, that only stiffened his resolve to leave us out in the cold.”

When contacted, Harper, who was turfed from power in 2015 by Justin Trudeau’s liberal government, was frigid in his response over the news.

“It’ll be a cold day in hell before I comment on that,” said Harper before rudely hanging up the phone.

The Harper Glacier, one of 17,000 glaciers in the Rockies, is also receding due to increasing global temperatures, said Kelvin, adding that the irony of naming the frozen body of water after a climate change denier wasn’t lost on him.

“Chances are, Harper will have passed on before his glacier totally disappears,” he said. “It just goes to show you that old reviled politicians never die, they just melt away.”