March hasn’t been too kind to Rebel Media head honcho Ezra Levant. First was the departure of Lauren Southern, who left to launder the sheets of former KKK leader David Duke. Then self-proclaimed shock jock Gavin McInnes drunkenly beaked off some anti-Semitic remarks while in Israel.

But he seems to be fine with the recent behavior of Sheila Gunn-Reid, the Fort Saskatchewan armchair reactionary who proved to actual flesh-and-blood journalists that the fastest way to landing an Alberta bureau chief job was via status as a dumbass housewife.

Gunn Reid’s bizarre antics seemed to have started shortly after she was at a feminist silly hat rally, where she was clocked in the face by her own camera, an incident more inexplicable than the Single Bullet Theory that nailed JFK. It’s escalated since her recent trip to Israel, where footage was shot of her swilling with McInnes ranting about The Chosen Homeboys.

In Edmonton, she’s been witnessed shooting spitballs at Premier Rachel Notley from the Press Gallery, while her commuting between Fort Saskatchewan and the Alberta capital have been rife with her attempting to convert homeless people into speedbumps. In one extreme case, when she crashed a downtown alt-rock nightclub expecting to catch a Nickelback tribute band, she took a swing at a spectator who reminded her she was on Treaty 6 land.

“I totally endorse her behaviour,” said Levant. “As far as Albertans are concerned, she’s as Severely Normal as you can get.”