Call it Brennie or Jasian, or any other mashup you wish. Either way, the blooming relationship between Wildrose leader Brian Jean and newly-minted PC czar Jason Kenney isn’t sitting too well with the Alberta’s more militant Old Boys Clubs that stand on guard for their respective party caucuses.

Ever since their first meeting and grip-and-grin media photo session on Monday, Jean and Kennie have reported been a little too cozy, according to officials from both parties. The last week has seen them in public together at a theatre lineup for Fifty Shades Darker, sharing benches in Calgary’s more exclusive saunas, and imbibing Scotch together at the city’s pricier nightspots.

The two are rumoured to hit Edmonton soon for public speeches and have reportedly booked lapdance sessions at the Alberta capital’s classier joints.

“The relationship has become far too friendly to our liking,” said one Wildrose insider. “It’s bordering on homoerotic and that’s not good news for our God-fearing membership, who prefer to bash queers instead of emulate them.”

“This will not end well,” added a provincial Tory spokesperson. “You realize that when the Unite the Right movement becomes reality within a year, these two will absolutely try to destroy each other when they both go for the top job of leading the consolidated party.”

At one recent media conference, Jean couldn’t understand what all the controversy is all about. “We’re still trying to get to know each other,” said Jean, while perched on the edge of a divan, feeding grapes to a reclining Kenney, all resplendent in a satin toga.

“Mmmph, mmmph,” replied Kenney.