In April, City Council will examine a proposal by the North Edmonton Gargantuan Art Network (NEGAN) to convert the baseball bat sculpture north of downtown into a work commemorating the AMC apocalyptic drama The Walking Dead.

Supporters of the deal say that the alteration of the bat, which will include the addition of several metres of barbed wire and copious amounts of fake blood, will be a boon for tourism.

“Vulcan, Alberta is on the map because of its connection to Star Trek, while the UFO landing port in St. Paul has been a draw for geeks worldwide,” said NEGAN spokesman Morgan Dean Jeffrey. “And that giant sausage sculpture in Mundare just might erect the potential for a porn industry in that town.”

The organization declares the 15- metre sculpture, located near the corner of 118 Avenue and 97 Street and which was part of a $455-million beautification project in the 1990s, is ripe for an upgrade. Considering the bat is an iconic weapon in the popular cable TV series The Walking Dead, which chronicles the lives of survivors in a world dominated by zombies and biker-like hit squads, NEGAN considers the alteration would better reflect the tough character required to live in Edmonton.

“We’d send an even stronger message if that bat was located closer to a mosque,” declared another more garrulous supporter. “Once the conservatives are back in power, we can use the sculpture to club the NDP’s Rachel Notley to death.”

The Edmonton Arts Council has already adamantly opposed the initiative, saying it would have a negative impact on the city’s image.

“I wouldn’t touch that proposal with a ten-foot pole,” said one official. “Or bat, for that matter.”