An Edmonton resident, unemployed for months and on the verge of losing his home has managed to hit the jackpot. By changing his name to Bombardier and pleading his case to the federal government, he’s rolling in the dough after receiving more than a million dollars in funding.

“I really can’t believe my luck,” said Gary Bombarier, whose previous surname was Guerin. “With all that money going to the Bombardier corporation in Quebec, somehow I flew under the radar and took advantage of the bureaucracy that was rubber-stamping all those requests for funding.”

The good fortune of Guerin, uh, Bombardier comes on the heels of the Trudeau administration’s February decision to bail out troubled aerospace and transportation company Bombardier for $372.5 million. The company previously received a billion-dollar bailout package in 2016.

While Bombarier has since convinced its top executives to defer half of their compensation packages in the wake of public protest over the funding, Guerin, uh, Bombardier says there’s no way he’ll return his money.

“Hey, I worked long and hard on my application and it was a hassle to get my name changed just to get in the game,” he said. “When the auto industry was in trouble a few years ago, Service Alberta wouldn’t allow me to change my name to General Motors.”