Rumours are rampant in Edmonton’s cultural scene that Alberta Ballet, which has paid tributes to the works of Joni Mitchell, Sarah McLachlan and Gordon Lightfoot, will dedicate a night to the legendary Emeralds, whose “Dance Little Bird” was all the rage in the 1980s.

The board and management at Alberta Ballet are keeping mum about the event, which will allegedly be part of the troupe’s 2017/2018 subscription season. But an insider claims that it’s close to being a done deal.

“In their time, The Emeralds were the biggest-selling act in the province,” he said. “They’ve revolutionized weddings with that chicken song. I think that people might be bored with the stag leaps and cabrioles and want something unpretentious for once. Seriously, let them flap their arms onstage once in a while. The seniors will love it!”

Highbrow reaction has been largely negative, but one subscriber is suggesting that ballet fans should just lighten up.

“I mean, c’mon!” said the supporter. “Ballet dancers twirling around the stage in tutus and chicken suits? That’s so Albertan!”