The provincial opposition is befuddled on how to take the government to task for holding a Saturday night caucus meeting at Steamworks, an Edmonton sauna frequented by gays.

“We can’t attack them on the inappropriateness of the location for fear of being labeled homophobic,” said one Wildrose Party MLA.

That’s what the ruling NDP government wants to hear, considering caucus meetings are normally held at less risque venues. But one NDP member said that considering the subject matter on the agenda, the place was perfect.

“We were there to talk about LGBTQ issues,” he said. “And what better spot to meet than at the most gay-friendly place in the city?”

The Steamworks confidentiality protocol prevented disclosure of any shenanigans that went on, although witnesses who asked not to be identified said it was hardly a formal meeting.

“There were lots of instances when some NDP folks decided to drop their towels,” said one Steamworks client.

“I know that Brian Mason and Sarah Hoffman were pretty body-conscious and didn’t want to play. But Rachel Notley wasn’t shy at all when she started parading around in the buff. Let’s just say she has a lovely set of… uhh… freckles.”

One NDP insider said that Notley was rather stubborn about her reason for choosing Steamworks when other gay-oriented associations would have sufficed.

“She told me that the NDP can hold meetings wherever they want,” she said. “In fact, she flat out declared, ‘If anyone has a problem with that, they can suck my caucus!'”