Edmonton noise artist Kaka Foanie performed a set on Saturday at the Ortona Armoury that has put his career in jeopardy. Instead of the usual distortion, fuzz, hiss and other sounds that his loyal audience of seven fans have come to expect, he dismayed the crowd by playing an actual note.

“I was shocked when I heard that come out of his setup,” said a member of the Bombastic Undefinable Music Society (BUMS), which hosted the event. “Whatever he did onstage was not acceptable to us at all.”

For his part, Kaka Foanie was visibly upset about what had happened and was walking around in a state of bewilderment once he disassembled his rat’s nest of cords, pedals and processors. “I don’t understand what happened,” he was overheard saying. “All I did was tweak one voltage controlled filter and a melodic tone came out clear as a bell! I’m finished!”

BUMS issued a statement the following day that Kaka Foanie would no longer be invited by the organization to play future gigs. Upon hearing about the incident, funding agencies like the Edmonton Arts Council, Alberta Foundation for the Arts and Canada Council for the Arts have asked the artist to return all funding.

“Kaka Foanie has been renowned for challenging mainstream audiences with sounds nobody wants to hear and we owe it to the tax payer to ensure they don’t get their money back when we fund such adventurous artists,” said a member of one funding agency. “By playing a bona fide note, he’s actually catering to the needs and wants of the public and that’s something that doesn’t sit will with us.”