Edmonton hipsters are defiant, adventurous and unique in every way. And it helps to maintain a look that tells everyone how different they are from everyone else, even other hipsters. With that in mind, local fashion designer Mann Lee Careless has compiled a list of 10 of Edmonton’s best-dressed hipsters to define a contemporary image that stands as a nonconformist example of style to the rest of the city.

“As you can tell, everyone I picked has his own sense of fashion,” says Careless. “And they’re style-conscious in every way, whether they prefer lentils to canned beans, refer to soccer as its proper name of football, live in lofts instead of apartments or listen to music so obscure it has to be cool. And that translates to fashion and hair. You won’t see any of them look the same way!”

As a duty to Dirtbag readers, we took it on ourselves to interview each of the 10 hipsters that made the list. Here’s their take on what it takes to stay in front of the social pack.

  • “I abhor mainstream fashion culture. After all, it cost me $1,200 to get this look.” — Ken Coull
  • “Yeah, I’m that guy. I’m the one cutting off cars and running through red lights on my mountain bike. Because I don’t pollute the atmosphere with any exhaust, it’s my God-given right to wreak havoc on traffic that’s pumping poison into the air.” — Seth Green
  • “It gives me a rush to determine which bands are great and which bands suck every time I go to a nightclub. When it comes to pop culture, I have more power than the president of the United States.” — Vincent LaVogue
  • “I started and killed the man-bun trend in the same year!” — Karl Koif
  • “I’m my own man. Anyone else who tries to look like me is a phony.” — Phil Phayke
  • “I’m recognized as one of those music listener dudes who’s ahead of everyone else. One time, I just made up a band name and told all my hip friends that they’re the next big thing. The texts I got back about everyone’s inability to find any material by them had me laughing for days!” — Lewis Reid
  • “Go ahead and mock me. That’s a sign that you just don’t get it.” — Scona Whyte
  • “Hipsters like me have their own code. And if you think I’m going to share it, you’re dreaming, buddy.” — Kelly Conway
  • “Plates are passé. I eat nothing but vegan cuisine right off the screen of my iPad.” — Gus Gastro
  • “I have more options than almost anyone else in the scene. Of course, it helps to be bisexual.” — Trent Tryst