Edmonton chapters of Greenpeace and Black Lives Matter are at odds with each other over leftist lingo aimed at the energy sector in northern Alberta.

BLM activists are blasting Greenpeace that the use of the word “tarsands” on ground that it may be used as a racist term against African-Canadians.

“Let’s face it; tarsands isn’t too far removed from the term tar baby,” said one BLM activist. “How would you like it if you were compared to being covered by a layer of gritty, gooey and dark gunk? We’ve been fighting the colour barrier for generations and those tree-huggers aren’t helping our cause.”

Greenpeace was apparently stunned over the accusation.

“We use the term to describe the substance that’s an example of greedy consumer culture that’s contributing to the environmental damage to our planet,” replied one Greenpeace activist.

“I can’t see the comparison myself, and there’s no way we’d support the use of the word oilsands, which the right wing uses to support the industry. Mind you, it’s not that we see many blacks at our rallies anyway.”

Those on the right are reportedly amused over the clash, which they believe will allow oilsands supporters to come to the forefront.

“Hell, let them fight,” said provincial PC leader Jason Kenney, who’s spearheading a Unite-the-Right movement to unseat the governing socialist NDP in 2019.

“I don’t care if they tar and feather each other with the same brush.”