Here we go again. After City Council determined in 2014 that the City didn’t need a slogan to showcase Edmonton, along comes an about face to redress its Old City of Champions identifier. Mayor Don Iveson remarked about the situation that the City could resurrect the slogan, but only if everyone could agree on its meaning.

The problem is, the original intent of City of Champions was to commemorate the can-do spirit of the city during its recovery from a devastating tornado in 1987. Others believe it’s more reflective of the cup victories of its local Oilers and Eskimos sports teams.

But with the floods experienced by Calgary in 2013 and the fire that destroyed part of Fort McMurray in 2016, shouldn’t they also be deserving of the title? Also, never mind that City of Champions is also being used in Tampa, Fla. and Brockton Mass. and was adopted for a while in Boston, Detroit and Pittsburgh. Hell, it’s also being considered for the new stadium being built in Los Angeles to house its NFL Rams and Chargers.

So once again, perhaps it’s time for another slogan completely. The Dirt’s come up with a few here:

  • World’s largest trailer park.
  • Seriously, turn south. Now!
  • Calgary Jr.
  • We’ve got cable!
  • We’re slower than our speed limits.
  • Sortakinda Oil Country
  • Slogans? We don’t need no stinking slogans!
  • Where you can get beaten by ducks.
  • Home of the one-letter exposition.
  • More potholes than pot.

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