Civil servants in the office of Edmonton City Councillor Scott McKeen, who’s taken an interest in keeping the local music live circuit alive, have come up with an all-inclusive idea to keep the nightclubs busy.

McKeen, who’s pressed for venues facilitating live music to stay open longer, is apparently toying with the notion of ensuring all performers reflect the city’s gender balance and ethnic diversity. The scuttlebutt around City Hall has it that he plans to make it mandatory for bands with two or more people to ensure equal representation between genders with visible minorities comprising at least 50 per cent of personnel.

In short, a quartet must consist of two men and two women, with at least half the lineup including non-Caucasian players. To ensure an equal split between males and females, all solo acts must be transgendered.

“We think that such a mix of music artists will bring out people of all ethnicities, genders and sexual persuasions,” said one spokesperson. “We’re thinking of calling it Affirmative Action Live.”

But not musicians are on board with this notion.

“Oh, that’s just great,” complained one veteran player. “Edmonton just killed the country music industry.”