The race for Edmonton’s mayoral seat is still in its infancy, but that hasn’t stopped current civic leader Don Iveson from predicting victory for a second term, or even for a lifelong tenure.

In fact, scuttlebutt around City Hall has it that he is forever comparing himself to King Tutankhamen, the young pharaoh who ruled Egypt centuries ago.

“The pyramid setting of City Hall is what gave him the idea of calling himself the ‘Boy-King'”, commented one civil servant (who in turn calls herself a swivel serpent). “That, and the fact he’s one of the youngest mayors Edmonton has ever had seemed to tip those scales in his favour.”

That no one else has come forward to challenge him before Edmontonians head to the polls Oct. 16 has also affected Iveson’s ego. Lately, he’s been wearing ceremonial robes and ornate headdresses around the office. He’s demanded that officials attending meetings kiss his ring and has even turned the wading pool in front of City Hall into a private bath.

He’s also made it mandatory that City Councillors help him dress for council meetings, prompting one politician to declare he’s on the verge of throwing his hat into the mayoral ring.

“I can barely tolerate the fact he holds court with that signature crook and flail,” stated councilor Mike Nickel, who’s clashed with Pharoah Iveson on several issues. “But I’m going to take him on this fall the next time he orders me to adjust his codpiece!”