A new logo by right-wing propagandists Rebel Media has upset one of America’s most subversive rap groups. The logo, created to brand the Alberta bureau of the sensationalist website owned by armchair reactionary Ezra Levant, caught the attention of the hip-hop act Public Enemy, who claim the design infringes on copyright of their own emblem.

“I don’t know what those nut jobs think they’re doing up there,” said a spokesperson for Public Enemy, creator of such anthems as “Welcome to the Terrordome” and “Fight the Power.”

“If this is their way of jumping onto our coattails and trying to be cool to a younger crowd, they’re way off base! Using our image to brand themselves as controversial caters to a spectrum we deplore and misrepresents the band in every way possible. And if they think this will introduce a cool factor to attract younger crowds, they’re so out of it. Haven’t they even heard of Drake?”

The logo certainly resembles Public Enemy’s brand, complete with a stencil font and a gun sight with crosshairs intersecting the body of a man in a beret, presumably a member of the band’s S1W entourage. The Rebel version swaps out the militant figure with a silhouette of Alberta Premier Rachel Notley.

Rebel hack Sheila Gunn-Reid, who takes credit for the new Rebel logo, claims she never heard of Public Enemy and declares her only music of choice is by “white country dudes.” But she defends her choice for the image.

“First, what I know about this group is that they use their music to incite terrorism and you can see how that’s turned out, with our kind of society and people constantly under attack,” said Gunn-Reid, whose garrulous rants have won over a following of inarticulate rednecks in Alberta.

“Yeah, I found the logo online and decided to use that against them. Plus Notley’s a perfect target for me, considering the way she’s destroyed the oil economy and turned those disgusting queers into upper class folks. And yeah, let’s be real. I think Notley’s a total bitch and if I knew I could get away with it, I’d kill her myself!”

Public Enemy has not announced if they will launch legal proceedings against Rebel Media, although the spokesperson said the group was understandably enraged over the altered design of their logo. “We created a legacy in the hip-hop world out of being the Prophets of Rage. It angers us that some shyster wants to use his abomination of our work for his Profits of Hate.”

Levant, who was too busy counting the cash he’s bilked from his gullible following over his bogus crowdfunding campaigns, the latest one being a subsidization arm for his forthcoming Straight Pride March, was not available to officially comment.

However, one staffer claimed he heard Levant muttering, “Is this one of those Black Lives Matter things?”