A day after winning the Alberta Liberal leadership race, David Khan got into hot water, among other things, after trying to claim the legislative office of his predecessor, David Swann.

Swann, the only elected MLA in the Liberal Party, occupies a broom closet in the basement of the Alberta Legislature. Khan’s attempt to take it was met with heavy resistance from the building’s janitor, Mark “The Mop” McClean.

“The nerve of that guy,” said McClean. “He thought that just because he became the leader of a has-been party, he felt entitled to my closet. Maybe he should be reminded that he doesn’t even have a set in the Legislature.”

But McClean stated that he gave Khan something to remind him of his status. “See the end of this splintered broom?” he asked. “You want to know where the rest of it is?”

Khan narrowly won the leadership race in Edmonton on Sunday when the entire Alberta Liberal party membership, all 17 of them, cast their ballots. Khan won by only one vote, when he convinced a homeless person outside to cash in his empties and buy a membership.

A vote recount has since taken place more than 100 times, with no change in the results.