The Deadmonton Dirtbag

Because the Alberta capital simply can't get enough alternative truth these days…

Read, dammit!

First, a word to the wise. All the content you read in The Deadmonton Dirtbag is fabricated. That’s right, call it what you wish, alternate facts, otherworldly truths, the bottom line is it’s all fake. Fake, fake, fake!

Any resemblance to persons living or dead or situations on this planet are strictly coincidental. In fact, everything you read in the Deadmonton Dirt is the product of very twisted minds who have no sense of reality whatsoever.

Sure, we like to take shots at a few folks out there, but bear in mind that our sheltered lives, existential concepts and constant abuse of our inner children will garner nothing but sympathy in a court of law and will automatically absolve us from any legal liability whatsoever. So forget about contacting a lawyer if you have any notions of winning in a libel lottery.

Of course, if you’d rather take us on in person, may we suggest a location where we can settle our differences? Give us 24 hours notice and meet us at this address:

9620-103A Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Planet Earth

Still insistent? Maybe Google Map this first.

Alright, that’s enough. As you were…