The Deadmonton Dirtbag

Because the Alberta capital simply can't get enough alternative truth these days…


We’d like to let you know that we scour the city for all the news that isn’t news. However, given that this is a fake news site, we’re sure more astute readers of this site would realize that simply isn’t true. Instead, we sit in front of an antiquated HP PC staring off into space until we come up with something in the hope that whatever we write will stick in your craw.

That’s why we like to collect comments from those who take issue with out pursuit of blatant falsehood, just so they can keep us real. Without these fine anecdotes aimed at cutting us down to size, we would otherwise indulge in fantasies of worldwide domination and visions of a Barnumesque mediascape we could call our own.

So, here’s a tip of the Stetson to those who dared to comment:

  • “Okay enough sarcasm, you suck.” — Max Power (via email)
  • “Be a real Albertan and get a job.” — Liza Rosie (via email)
  • “You’re sick. And that’s probably the biggest compliment I could ever give you.” — Paula E. Kirman (via Facebook)
  • “Your desperation for a cheap laugh is so low, it makes the Edmonton Sun Come across like Jerry Seinfeld in comparison.” — David McDougall (via WordPress)
  • “…not very good satire. Everybody wants to be The Onion.” — Bradford Pettigrew (via Facebook)
  • “This is B.S.” — Richard Vander Ree (via WordPress)
  • “…kind of idiotic…” — Drew Wakariuk (via The Rebel)
  • “Shame on you and your juvenile excuse for humour!” — Kerrie (via WordPress)
  • “Edmonton Dickbag” — Dave Bacon (via Facebook)
  • “Please don’t take the bait.” — Harley McCartney (via The Rebel)
  • “…a slap in the face…” — Laughlin (via WordPress)
  • “A lot of bullshit stories for entertainment.” — Kevin McGrath (via Facebook)

Keep ’em coming, folks! We really can’t get enough of them! And that’s no lie!


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