Few people know of a secluded nude beach just outside Edmonton. Yet fewer know that some of them who partake in the naturist lifestyle have fallen prey to wildlife that make its way through the river valley.

Devotees who doff their duds at Cottontail Corner, roughly a half-hour trek through the bush upstream from the Devon Bridge, say the site is safe for those who follow the strictly-enforced rules. But those who head down for partying or a free peep show are in for a disappointment. And in a few rare cases, death.

“There were a couple drunks who showed up recently between cold snaps,” said one nudist. “They were obnoxious and unruly, claiming they were there to get some cougar action. Turns out they got that alright, but from the real thing.”

Amazingly, the episodes (including one who had a fetish for overweight women only to be ripped apart by a bear), go unreported as the victims all belong to families influential enough to keep the stories from hitting the media. But anonymity is no guarantee of safety.

“Respect the rules and you’ll be fine,” said another naturist. “No wild life here. Just wildlife. Choose wisely.”